Tuesday, June 30, 2015


the end seeming static
a mental projection
a wished-for Wonderland
during, meanwhile, in-between,
the transitory states
are all that is
a durable dynamism
diversity, plurality, multiplicity
also all there is
eternal ephemeral
infinite insight
Other than your judgment 
what is imperfect?
David L White
Copyright June 30, 2015

Monday, June 29, 2015

Moment - #3 Revised


Moment by moment / the background chatter  / softened to white noise
the tick-tock stopped / the room fell away

We held one another  / as if there were  / nothing else to do

Moment by moment / time melted away and / eternity blossomed

A thousand people came through  / hundreds were in the room,
dozens and dozens of times  / the single story retold

the cleanup begins while  / the somber celebration  / comes to a close

finally we took our  / time together / relaxing ... breathing ... healing

For all the hugging that day 


no condolence given / no story told / no squeeze of elbow
no patting there there / no sighing / no crying / no tears

The next several days / that blossom held sway / the fragrance
arresting . attesting

days later while / the blossom still bloomed / I called her to find
I was not alone in that room


For MP
DLW © 2015

#3 Revised June 29 2015

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Moment by moment
The background chatter 
softened to white noise
The room fell away
The tick-tock stopped

We held one another 
as if there were 
nothing else to do

Moment passed moment
time melted away while
eternity blossomed

For the next several days
that fragrance held sway

There was much hugging 
that day and this was not that

no condolence given
no story told
no squeeze of elbow
no patting there there
no sighing
no crying
no tears

A thousand people came through 
Hundreds were in the room.
Dozens and dozens of times 
the single story retold.

The celebration was coming to a close
the cleanup had begun and
finally we took our time together

days later the blossom 
still bloomed
and I called her to find
I was not alone in that room


For MP
DLW © 2015
June 22 2015

Friday, April 24, 2015

Breakfast with Einstein


Breakfast with Einstein

Bacon and eggs
Peanut butter and jelly
Time and space

You may have heard one of 
your spiritual friends 
use the phrase timelessness. 

As if time were an arbitrary construct 
with no real presence.

It's gotten casual. Like imagining 
breakfast with Einstein 
without questions.

But space-less-ness is something 
I will have to think about 
for a little bit 
by myself ... over there.

Some where.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

I came back for you

I came back for you

It’s 42° and nearing dark in a very busy intersection 
while a young woman with stringy hair and baggy clothes 
was in the southbound median holding up a homeless sign 
other impertinent and illegible words also scribbled on. 

I was the second car in the left turn lane and
in the couple moments to imagine logistics
my green arrow signaled. There were cars behind me.

I went on to the mini-mart to buy some lottery tickets 
came out, went around the block, made a U-turn and 
timed the lights and the traffic so that I could give her 

I don't usually do that; less often with men. I flashed 
the lights, waved, she leaped. Something about her. 

She was very polite, smiled, had lip piercings I'm glad I 
didn't know that earlier on. It might have gone another way.

“Thank you very much, sir. God bless you.” 
"Bless you too. I said I came back for you."

There were only moments. The light changed. I went to
the next u-turn and came around again beeping and waving.


April 22, 2015 © David L White

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Piece work for Jesus

Piece work for Jesus

You get upset
demand to know 
the reason
the meaning

where is your 
Your forgiveness?

You seem to be 
bringing scalps and hides 
kicking and screaming 
to the feet of your God.

You missed a bit of the 
meaning somewhere

perhaps fixing the typo 
will help settle your soul

It is not piece work for Jesus 

but peace work.

~ David L. White

to the painter Shelby Keefe

I scroll by, stroll by, 
glancing, move on. 

Something twinkles. 
I stop. Still. 

I breathe in the breeze 
of every brush stroke. 

Between the light 
and shadow 

the pedestrian 


~ David L. White